Roma Downey is my favorite actress. She has had a big impact on my life. I watch her on Touched By An Angel (TBAA) every day. I also saw 2 of her movies "Borrowed Hearts" and "Monday After the Miracle." I recently wrote to her and i should be getting some autographed pictures soon ( i hope so!!!!!!).

Roma Downey fact sheet *unofficial*

-was born on May 6, 1963 in Derry, Northern Ireland
-has a 2 year old daughter Reily Marie with ex husband
 David Anspaugh
-mother passed away from a heart attack when she was 10,
 father 11 years later
-earned a bachelor's degree at Brighton Art College in 
-then attended the London Drama Studio where she starred 
in many classics including the plays of Shakespeare, Shaw,
 and Chekhov
-starred in  movies A Holiday Romance, Getting up and 
Going Home, Borrowed Hearts, Monday After the Miracle, 
Hercules and the Amazon Woman, guest starred in Diagnosis 
Murder, and appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, 
Oprah, and David Letterman
-her Tv show "Touched By an Angel" (\o/) is taped in Salt 
Lake City, Utah where she lives    /_|_\
-she stands 5"4 tall, with auburn hair and brown eyes
-her favorite color is yellow (?)
-her favorite poem is "The Lake Isle of Innisfree"
-has a pet Irish Setter Ruby


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