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This page is about my pets. I have 2 dogs (Sandy, Tippi), 1 parakeet (samantha), 2 fish not named), and 1 cat (Mouschi). I LOVE animals of all kinds, when i have mny own house i am going to have cats and any other animals. But the kinds of dogs that i hope to have are a: Snauzer, Lab, scottish terrier, sharpe, and Jack Russel. i will probly have more also.

If anyone has any unusual stories about what their pets did or anything about them you can sen dthem to me and i will post them on here. And if anyone has pictures that they can share also i would love to see them and they could also be posted. You all can email me at OR

*Some of the links on the right may not work yet. Thats because i haven't made a page for them yet.*


These are some stories sent in from people and told to me by some of my friends about their pets. Don't forget if have anything you would like to have posted up send it to or Please bear with me with the funny stories because this page was just put up today so i don't really have any funny stories to post up. Oh and if you send in stories please include names of the pets.

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