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These are SOME my wonderful penpals! I have 10 penpals that i write to. Here is just a few, i hope that Sabra and Tisha see this because i know they have the internet! Well i haven't got much to say but again don't pay much attention to the bad scanning job. My fault. Hehe! Now heres some info about my penpals. Nicole is 14 and from Mountain Top, Pennsylvania. Tisha is 15 and from Lamar, Missouri. Amy is 15 and from Columbia, Tennesse, I have been penpals with Amy for about a year now! Kelly i got to know from Amy, Kelly lives in Columbia, Tennesse also she is 15. Sabra is 15 and she lives in Sheldon, Missouri. I got to know Tisha from her also. Sabra is also a cheerleader for her school.

Nicole Tisha Nellie
Kelly Sabra