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(Dec. 22-Jan. 20)

MOOD: Riding a big confidence kick, you'll be out going all month.
LOVE: When you catch your boy flirting with a so-called pal, you'll ditch em both.
FRIENDSHIP: You'll feel tight with an old bud who helps you througha crisis zone.
LIFE: You'll turn into a dancin' queen after headinginto an action packed party.
LUCKY STAR: Katie Holmes, Dec. 18th
BEST  DAYS: 4, 13 BAD DAYS: 7, 20 LOVE DAYS: 8, 22                         

(Dec. 22-Jan. 20)

MOOD: Go, girl! You'll be ultramotivated when a teacher pays you an unexpected compliment.
LOVE: A date you expected to be a bust will make you smile.
FRIENDSHIP: You'll give helpful advice to a stressin' friend.
LIFE: With your eye on something special, you'll brainstorm ways to score some fast cash.
LUCKY STAR: Kate Moss, Jan. 16
BEST DAYS: 1, 12 BAD DAYS: 3, 24 LOVE DAYS: 21, 28


MOOD: Awww, You;ll feel sad and nostalgic once the ground starts shifting under your feet.
LOVE: After your steady shows he's supersweet on you, you'll be in hottie heaven.
FRIENDSHIP: You and a close chum will grab a couple of hotties for a hot double date.
LIFE: Your old photo albums  will inspire you to plan now for a summer getaway.
LUCKY STAR: Brandy, Feb. 11
BEST DAYS: 4, 13 BAD DAYS: 7, 20 LOVE DAYS: 8, 22

(Feb. 19-March 20)

MOOD: Feeling antsy, you'll look for an outlet for all that pent-up energy.
LOVE: As soon as a fly fella starts flirting, you'll play hard to get.
FRIENDSHIP: You and your buds will score tickets to a hot show.
LIFE: You'll set aside a major chunk of time to dive into a charity project you've been curious about.
LUCKY STAR: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Feb. 21
BEST DAYS: 6, 16 BAD DAYS: 1, 22 LOVE DAYS: 11, 24

(March 21-April 19)

MOOD: You'll be psyched about sitting down to map out plans for a much overdue vacation.
LOVE: When a hottie starts treating you royally, you'll totally swoon for him.
FRIENDSHIP: Once girl-talk mode kicks in, you'll bond with a bud at a pal's birthday sleepover.
Life: Landing time! Mom and Dad will will seriously clip your wings after you blow your curfew.
LUCKY STAR: Victoria Adams (Posh Spice), April 17
BEST DAYS: 8, 19 BAD DAYS: 1, 11 LOVE DAYS: 12, 26

(April 20-May 20)

MOOD: When your wacked teacher piles on homework, you'll be a frazzled stress mess.
LOVE: Back to Blissville! You will finally settle that misunderstanding with your latest crush.
FRIENDSHIP: When two of your close pals go away together, you'll worry that you're out of the loop.
LIFE: Wise woman! Gettin' a jump on the summer rush, you'll start looking for a part-time job.
LUCKY STAR: Janet Jackson, May 16
BEST DAYS: 1, 11 BAD DAYS: 8, 26 LOVE DAYS: 2, 24

(May 21-June 21)

MOOD: You'll be upbeat about all the great opportunities coming your way.
LOVE: Surprise! That setup you've been dreading will turn out to be a blast.
FRIENDSHIP: When a new bud invites you to a rockin' party, you'll be stoked.
LIFE: You'll spend some quiet time at home mulling over a big decision.
LUCKY STAR: Natalie Portman, June 9
BEST DAYS: 5, 22 BAD DAYS: 7, 28 LOVE DAYS: 4, 13  


MOOD: You'll feel  close to a special relative.
LOVE: You'll run hot'n' cold about your current steady.
FRIENDSHIP: After a fight with a bud leaves you hurt, you'll patch things up.
LIFE: Tackling a huge school project, you'll be livin' in the library for a while.
LUCKY STAR:Courtney Love, July 9
BEST DAYS: 16, 25 BAD DAYS: 9, 23 LOVE DAYS: 8, 22

(July 23-Aug. 22)

MOOD: You'll mellow out after a frenzied few weeks.
LOVE: The Romeo who rocked your world will finally show his true colors.
FRIENDSHIP: You'll be upset about an old friend who's not in your orbit anymore.
LIFE: Too many responsibilities will have you jonesing for a weekend getaway.
LUCKY STAR: Gillian Anderson, Aug. 9
BEST DAYS: 19, 26 BAD DAYS: 6, 24 LOVE DAYS: 8, 22

(Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

MOOD: You'll completely freak when your cash flow slows down to a trickle.
LOVE: Two dudes will make a play for you, and you'll have a tough time choosing  between them.
FRIENDSHIP: One of your tight guy pals will treat you to a great night out.
LIFE: Move that butt, babe! You'll commit to a regular workout routine.
LUCKY STAR: Cameron Diaz, Aug. 30
BEST DAYS: 2, 20 BAD DAYS: 8, 26 LOVE DAYS: 11, 17

(Sept. 23-Oct. 23)

MOOD: An energy kick will do wonders to keep you thinking on your toes.
LOVE: Hey dazzlin' diva! Your stylin' new 'do will turn you into a total boybabe magnet.
FRIENDSHIP: You and a bud will be closer than ever after taking time out for a serious heart-toheart.
LIFE: You'll be set for spring after a serious shopping spree pumps your wardrobe.
LUCKY STAR: Gwyneth Paltrow, Sept. 28
BEST DAYS: 4, 22 BAD DAYS: 1, 20 LOVE DAYS: 8, 14

(Oct. 24-Nov. 22)

MOOD: You'll be totally revved after a new experience fuels your engines.
LOVE: Though bummed by a recent breakup, you'll sense that something even better is on the horizon.
FRIENDSHIP: You'll bond with a brand-new pair of funky gal pals.
LIFE: Work it, baby! A redhot job prospect will have you thrilled.
LUCKY STAR: Winona Ryder, Oct. 29
BEST DAYS: 6, 25 BAD DAYS: 3, 22 LOVE DAYS: 17, 28
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