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This is my advice page. I have put up questions that i have found that i thought might benefit anyone who reads this. if you have any questions please send it to me at or Thanks and enjoy!

Q. I'm good friends with two guys in my class who told me that my crush likes me. They would know, i guess, because they said they caught him writing I love....... on his book and he blushed big-time. But he says he didn't write that on his book. Who do i believe?

A. I think you should confront your friends and let them know that you really like him. And that its going to get you EXTREMELY mad if they made it up. And as for you crush its probably hard for him to admit for him because writing little mushy things like that is the kind of things that are really emabrassing for guys to get caught doing. But by now what happened isn't important right now because you won't get any where just arguing over whether he wrote that or not. So just cut to the chase and ask him out, you never know he might be liking you back secretly!

Q. My best friend is a sneaky guy stealer. I liked this one guy who my best friend told me was a jerk. But i just found out that she's going out with him! Should i ditch her?

A. Well she certainly doesn't score cool points for not telling you the news herself. Your friend must be pretty desperate to betray you like that. Since your so-called friend shafted you just to get closer to some guy, cutting her loose is definetly the way to go. Don't worry you'll find other friends who truly value you and won't pull nasty selfish stunts like that!

Q. My mom says fake nails ruin real nails. Is she right?

A. If you don't apply and car efor fake nails properly, they could damage your real nails. Maintenance is extremely important when wearing fake nails. Artificial nails should fit securely, because if any air gets trapped the false and the real thing, bacterial, fungal and yeast infections can occur. Wash your hands and read the instructions carefully before applying nails. To ensure that your real nails stay healthy, remove the fakes after 3 weeks and apply a cuticle oil or protein treatment to help rehydrate your natural nails. Short-term artificial nails can also help minimize damage.

Q. I'm 15 and all I can think about is having baby. What should I do?

A. Hey mama wannabe, here's the bittersweet reality about motherhood: It means sacrificing your life for a tiny, squirmy, stinky, pukey creature that cries like a car alarm. And it'll be years before you can be a mom with the time, money, education, and maturity to meet a baby's needs. So what about your baby urges in the meantime? You're probably longing to care for something because you feel an emptiness in your life. To fill the void, tutor or help other kids, or volunteer somewhere.

Q. My hair is full of staic in the winter. What can i do to keep it under control?

A. Staic electricity goes wild in the winter months because the air is drier, stripping your hair of moisture. To tame those electrified flyaways, use a leave in conditioner (like Paul Mitchell the cream) to infuse your hair with moisture when its damp. After blowdrying use a finishing product (like Aveda's Brillant Spray-On) to seal in moisture and block out electricity. For emergency flare-ups, spray some Static Guard on your brush and lightly run it through your hair.

Q. I've been humiliated by my ex. After my boyfriend found out that i'd kissed another guy, he lied and told everyone i was pregnant! i told him off, but people still suspect its true. I keep getting "Can I feel the baby kick?" cracks. How can I end this embarassing rumor?

A. Don't launch into denial overdrive. You'll give the rumors weight. So the next time your teased say "stop it, what he said isn't true!" Get your friends to do damage control. They can set the story straight when you hear someone dis you. Don't trash blabberboys rep. That will only extend the news worthiness of your breakup. Stick to this plan and your smirky jerks will tire of your saga.

Q. My face gets really oily during the day. I'm constantly applying powder, but it works only for a short time. What else would help?

A. While most of the factors that make skin oily ( like genetics, or heat and humidity) are beyond your control, you can control matters carefully choosing what you do- and don't- put on your face. Use an oil free cleanser that's water based(Neutrogena deep clean Oil-Free Cream Cleanser, Clean & Clear Oil-Free Daily Pore Cleanser). Wash your face in the morning and at night and after exercising. Make sure your powder and foundations are oil free too. Need more shine muscle? Try on eof the new transparent oil absorbers (Clean & Clear's Oil Absorbing Shine Control Mattifier) which can be worn under your makeup to help keep oil in check. If your skin is breakout prone as well as oily its good to see a dermatologists.

Q. I'm 14 and i've been dating this guy for 9 months-but we've never had a conversation that consisted of more than 15 words. I want to hold down a converstaion with him! But when i'm with him, my mind goes blank. How can i make the communication better?

A. If I thought the problem was only yours, i'd sugest asking him about things he's interested in. But he should ask you stuff your into, too-and it doesn't sound like he's doing that. Awkwardness is normal for a new couple, but if after 9 months your not connecting, well......maybe you guys have nothing in common. So try talking to him about whether or not you guys have anythingto talk about. You might end up in a fight (and it might make you think about breaking up0, but it as one converstion you absolutly need to have.

Q. I'm always getting mad at my boyfriend. I feel like i can't control it. Even if it's just something stupid-like he had to help someone fix their car and he didn't call to say where he was-or the fact that works too much! Help! I'm afraid it will break us up!

A. What i think you are dealing with here is the fact that relationships are kind of a big pain in the butt. When you are going out with somebody, you have to worry about their schedule, and how it fits in with yours, and how half the time they flake out and leave you hanging. Which is maddening-even if they really neede to do whatever it was an dthey didn't mean it as a dis. To a certain extent, you have to be patient. But you also have to not be a pushover. Does he cancel only occasionaly? Or is it common that he changes his plans with out telling you? If he's doing stuff that makes you mad, you need to tell him. But talk to him when your calm-that way you'll avoid ragging on him and instead try to help him see why you get bummed when he stands you up.

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