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About South Park

South park is a t.v. show on Comedy central every Wednesday and Saturday at 10:00 PM. Its really funny and the main characters in the show are: KENNY McCORMICK, he always gets killed on verey show; ERIC CARTMAN, he is FAT and always say no kitty kitty that ny pot pie; KYLE BROZLOVSKI, who is Jewish and has a little brother Ike who is adopted; STAN MARSH, he is in love with Wendy but he always barfs when he see her. Some minor characters are: Chef; Mr. Garrsion and Mr. Hat; Ike; Ms. Crabtree; Officer Brady; Wendy Testaburger; Mayor; Cows; Visitors; Jesus; Jimbo; Ned. These are most of the characters. Above is a picture of some of the characters, for more visit my South park Pics page. By the way anyone know who Cartmans MOM is??

South Park Links

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